Why You Should Ride a Bike in Amsterdam

July 6, 2022

And How to Rent a Bike in Amsterdam

Being in Amsterdam is itself a pleasure of all Gods. This city has such an indescribable magic – words are not enough to convey it.

Rent a Bike in Amsterdam via This Website

To truly feel this city as a local, there is nothing wiser than renting a bike. There is a distinct magic to it. The bicycle roads are so well-made and bikers themselves are the majority. Cars are rare. Biking in Amsterdam allows you to feel one with the local environment. Don’t get too distracted however. Even with less cars than every other European city (besides Venice, of course), Amsterdam’s high bike traffic can be slightly dangerous too. It is easy to forget all of your plans when riding in peace… Did I mention how MA-GI-CAL this city can be? Let’s consider it a “Disneyland” for adults… 

If you are an experienced cyclist, this is the best way to travel in Amsterdam. Here are some tips to have a greater experience:

Be aware that Amsterdam cyclists may act lawless, going through red lights, onto sidewalks, etc. And that scooters also use the bike lanes; keep right! You don’t need to be, of course!

Also pay attention to tram rails; make sure you cross them at a good angle. Newcomers often get stuck in them.

Rent a Bike in Amsterdam via This Website

You can use the form below to search for the best prices to rent a bike while you are in Amsterdam:

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