Our Vision

The NomadSet vision is to create a collaborative and social community for nomadic travelers, who seek experiences that do not always come easy or (reasonably) cheap.

NomadSet is a website for people who want to connect with fellow travelers in order to create an experience that couldn’t be had otherwise. NomadSet strives to offer shared experiences at events, concerts, seminars, one-of-a-kind cultural experiences and more – all with the idea that anything you share makes all the difference when you are away from home.

NomadSet connects strangers around the world to share destinations and experiences with one another. By sharing diverse cultural moments, travelers will remain curious, open minded, and have a deeper understanding of new cultures that they visit. NomadSet is a company who wants to provide a space for people to connect with one another while they are traveling. They operate through a website which allows the user to set up their trip with preloaded content from NomadSet. This includes global hotspots in the form of attractions or activities as well as local recommendations from friends or travel buddies on Groups.

NomadSet is the next generation in travel content, helping open the world to you. You are free to explore, learn and engage, but we’re here to make all of that happen.

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